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Puppy Sitter Love Note

She was cleaning out some old files and found this (in the picture). They both got a chuckle out of it.

Apparently, many years ago, they got a call from friends who had a Bouvier puppy named Leah. The friends needed to go to California to pick up a vehicle and because it was so hot, they didn’t want to take puppy Leah with them. Makes sense. So, Leah came to stay with them (and their first Bouvier, Zbeau) for a week or so. It seemed pretty straight-forward. Leah arrived with her kennel, kibble, blanket and schedule. She and Zbeau got along great. All would be s’well.

But, I want to point something out. Do you see all the times Leah was supposed to nap and play in her kennel? Well…according to them, that didn’t happen at all! They still giggle when they read the schedule. Naps and plays in kennel. Yeah, right.

I don’t blame her. I have 2 kennels and I don’t think I’ve ever napped or played in either one! She carried one all the way to Oklahoma to collect me and I made it the whole way home without setting one paw in there. They tried and tried, but I said, “Nope. No way, no how.” They finally just put their suitcases and my food in there to make use of it. While one of them was behind the wheel, the other one was napping or playing with me in the back of the vehicle. Worked for me.

I nap and play where I want to even now…because well…I own them. But I digress.

So, I guess he and Leah bonded, which was okay for awhile but wasn’t so good after Kaya came. Something about a girl’s cat fight over some guy (him) or some ball. I don’t understand it, which is probably good.

So, that’s her with Leah and Zbeau. He was a handsome dude, don’t you think? And, he looks happy, right? Well…maybe not. Oh, and because they puppy-sat Leah, they got lifetime dog-sitting services for Zbeau. He spent a few days in Leavenworth, WA and was quite the attraction hanging out at Starbucks.. She says she misses that boy, and she also misses Jacmel and Kaya.

But, hey, the good news is they have moi! I’ve done plenty of things to make them giggle, and I’m still going strong! Plus, I still channel all three of them…not at the same time, of course. That would be weird!

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