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Don’t go to the car wash!

Alli’s Adventure Log. January 18, 2022

You may recall that we went to Diane’s house over Christmas. While we were there, we had snow!!!! Only about 6 inches at Diane’s house, but when we got home, we found we had about a foot of that lovely white stuff.

Wasn’t a problem for me.

But, you see, we took her car over to Diane’s and according to him, it’s a piece of…well…you can guess. A neighbor thought he was doing us a favor and he drove his 4-wheel drive Jeep up and down the driveway to make tracks. They turned into ice.

When we got home, she tried to get it up the driveway, but nope. The wheels spun and then the car just slid back down the driveway. I guess I see why he calls it a piece of s***. I mean, if it can’t even go up the driveway! But, she really likes it so I guess it’s staying. It’s not like the car they drove to Oklahoma to get me, but I like it okay.

Anyway, they were not happy. So, he took the truck out of the garage, put it in 4-wheel drive and went down to unload the car and get all our stuff up to the house.

The car sat at the bottom of the driveway for 2 days until she found someone to come and clear and deice the driveway. And, I guess it cost a fortune…at least according to him.

The car finally got into the garage.

But, it was covered with salt and grime…a real mess. Neither was happy about it.

Today, they decided to take it to the car wash. I went along (of course). They said it would be okay, but I freaked out!!! We were stuck in the car inside this garage that had flashing lights all around it. Then, these big loud contraptions started coming around the car. Then the soap and water came. Then those brushes! Then more soap and water! Then something else! Then a huge dryer! The noises were insane!

He kept telling me it was okay and that I was a good girl. I just kept looking out the windows at the mayhem. It was not okay. I don’t know why he was telling me I was a good girl. Was it because I didn’t try to open the door and run away? Wait a minute…I don’t know how to open the door! I never want to go through that again. It’s evil!

Doggie friends…if they try to take you to the car wash, don’t go! Stay home! Hide!

I would have taken a picture, but I couldn’t. I was so freaked out, I didn’t know what to do, and I just couldn’t think straight.

So, here’s a picture of me at Diane’s house…guarding the yard from squirrels and rabbits. I really like it there. It’s not a car wash…not even close. And, a picture of her car at the bottom of the driveway. I hope that never happens again…especially if it leads to a car wash.

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