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Hi! I’m Allium (Alli) Bouvier!

Hi! I’m Allium, Alli for short. And this is my family. (In the dog world, they’re called hoomans.) I’m a Bouvier des Flandres, their 4th or so they tell me. She often tells me her other 3 Bouviers were imposters. I’m not sure what she means by that. I’m just me.

You may be wondering about my name because it is a bit odd. You see, his career was in ag education and he focused primarily on vegetable seed crops, including allium (genus of plants like onion, garlic, and shallot). The generic name Allium is the Latin word for garlic. He said if he ever had another female Bouvier, he wanted to name her Allium. She went along with it.  

They drove to Oklahoma to collect me in 2019. I was 4 months old. On the way home, I asked if she would write about my adventures on her Facebook page and she said, “Sure.” So just about every week since then, I have been having a conversation with her about the perfect adventure to write about and she writes it down and posts it for me. Because, let’s face it. I’m at a disadvantage. I never learned to type.

We call it Alli’s Adventure Log, but it’s really a blog (Bouvier log). Get it?

We have so much fun with it, and frankly, I have quite a following! If she gets busy and doesn’t post my thoughts for a week or two, she hears about it!

Now, I’ve asked her if I can have my own social media site, and she said, “Yes!” So, she started an Instagram presence for me. You can find and follow me at @allibouvier. And, I also asked her to move my blog over to my own website. She’s really very good to me and says she has fun writing and sharing all my adventures. We’ve had so many adventures, I’m not sure how we’ll get them all moved over to my website. But, I’ll figure something out and then I’ll put her to work to make it happen.

I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about my adventures. There’s always something going on around here. 


P.S. The reason I’m standing on my hind legs is because he said I wasn’t cooperating with the photographer. So…when that happens…he gets my attention by holding me up by my front legs. She always finds that amusing. I aim to please!

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